Labyrinth, 2010
Paper, projection, sound, wood, glass
dimensions variable
Installation at Rankin Gallery, Ferris State University, MI

The legendary Greek, Daedalus, built for King Minos a curving labyrinth to contain the beastly minotaur. Today, the spiraling labyrinth is symbolic of a journey and a confrontation, the individual returning with new-found knowledge. Our Labyrinth is a pastoral nighttime environment for wandering and discovery, set in late summer 1950 in rural Ohio.

The solstice moon reveals a backyard labyrinth through shadowy trees and twilight sky. Within the labyrinth, pathways lead to a glass menagerie of flowers, fruits, seed pods, beetles, snails and horses. Neighbors sleep to the sound of crickets and dream of space exploration, oil rigs and agriculture. Meanwhile the lattice, twisting and collapsing at its periphery, is a reminder of the natural decay of idyllic suburban life.

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