Luminescent Anthologies 1

Luminescent Anthologies 1, 2014
Archival Digital Print, 36" x 48"

Luminescent Anthologies is continuation of our research in designing, building, and documenting human powered light sculptures. The work features kinetic light sculptures accompanied by a series of long-exposure photographs of the instruments in motion. The photos and sculptures are a symbiotic body of work highlighting the sculpture’s dependence on human interaction for activation. The work bridges the fields of art, science, and instrument making. The kinetic light sculptures are a futurist technoculture reimagining of traditional native instruments including gourd shakers, rattles, and percussive rakes. Made from a variety of materials including 3D printed plastic, brass, steel, quartz piezo transducers, and custom electronics, they all use human movement to generate light.


Shekere, 2014
Printed PLA plastic, bearings, piezo elements, LEDs/>

Luminescent Anthologies

Luminescent Anthologies 2, 2014
Archival Digital Print, 36" x 48"

Luminescent Anthologies

Luminescent Anthologies 5, 2014
Archival Digital Print, 36" x 48"

Rake, 2014
Printed PLA plastic, piezo elements, LEDs, wood

Luminescent Anthologies 4, 2014
Archival Digital Print, 36" x 48"

Crystal Mines, 2014
Printed Polyester, piezo elements, LEDs

Luminescent Anthologies 3, 2014
Archival Digital Print, 36" x 48"

Lightning Rattles, 2013
Polycarbonate tubing, wood, piezos, wiring, LEDs, screenprinted film
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