Night Magic, 2013.
Aurora borealis light projection, loop.
Exterior view of the west wing.
Site-Specific Installation
Winter Light Garden and Flower Show, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden

The evening rhythm and atmosphere of the Phipps Conservatory, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania inspires Night Magic. Glass houses are a protected world in contrast to the urban landscape found outside its walls. We imagined witnessing the Aurora Borealis peeking through the leafy foliage of the Conservatory’s trees. The installation begins with gently glowing glass botanicals nestled in the planting spaces.

Night Magic is a time-based, unfolding, immersive visual recreation of the night sky featuring illuminated glass sculptures. Underneath this shifting night sky, nestled amongst the living plants and trees, are hundreds of glass botanicals specific to each room in the West Wing of the Conservatory.

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