Perseids, 2012
Quartz crystal transducers (piezos), LEDs,
stainless ball bearings, rectifiers, custom shells

Perseids, named after the annual meteor shower, is a hand held visual musical instrument based on rainsticks. As Perseids is turned over, falling beads cascade through a cylinder made of quartz crystal elements. As the quartz crystals vibrate from the tiny impact of the beads, electricity is generated and used to power LEDs. The light is both immediate and responsive to the hand. Hard shakes of the instrument produce quick flashes of light, while slow inversions produce gentle cascades of light. This direct reaction and unusual power source makes Perseids a seductive, hypnotic and seemingly magical object.

Thanks to the Performers: Shaela Davis, Jasmine Rivera, and Michelle Wessel.Thanks to Shannon Batdorf, Nicole Martinell, and Rebecca Wolf.

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