Off the Rails, 2018
Dimensions variable, 10' high, 5' wide x 7' long.
Pulled glass gold ruby twisted cane, 3D printed plastic, LEDs, custom lighting program, wire.

Off the Rails is a rollercoaster based on our ongoing obsessions: wooden lattices and truss systems, entropy, and installation sculpture. The illuminated flashiness of carnival lights draw us in towards the horror of impossibly banked turns and a broken, failing track. The candy like, gold ruby twisty cane is informed by gilded decadence, while the broken track considers a deserted amusement park, where economic imperatives has made disinvestment more profitable than maintenance. The crumbling infrastructure correlates to a vision of our current political landscape, where compassion and forward thinking has been abandoned for greed and isolationism. Crows are scavenging broken pieces of glass, and flying towards an unknown future. It is a frightening ride going off the rails.


  McCormack and Figg
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