Solastalgia series, 2010.
Fear of Gravity (rope ladder), Stumped, and It Was a Short Fall (crumpled rope ladder).
Installation view at Project4 Gallery, Washington DC.
Wood, rope, paint, string.
Dimensions variable.

Solastalgia is the point of departure for this series. The phenomenon is a documented form of psychic distress, or place pathology, resulting from negatively perceived environmental change. Causally linked to changing climates and ecosystems, the melancholic psychoterratic illness is exacerbated by a sense of powerlessness regarding ecological shifts.

Solastalgia is an intense desire for the place where one is a resident to be maintained in a state that continues to give comfort or solace. Solastalgia is not about looking back to some golden past, nor is it about seeking another place as 'home'. It is the 'lived experience' of the loss of the present as manifest in a feeling of dislocation; of being undermined by forces that destroy the potential for solace to be derived from the present. In short, solastalgia is a form of homesickness one gets when one is still at 'home'. (Glenn Albrecht, 2005)

Repurposed, discarded branches and saplings - all scavenged after one day of extreme civic tree trimming - were repurposed as an interior playground. A usable rope ladder dangled over the side of the balcony and a swing hung in the back room, both artifacts of a performance.

It Was a Short Fall, 2010.

Stumped, 2010.

Fear of Gravity (rope ladder) and Everything but the Squeal (root ladder), 2010.

Everything but the Squeal (root ladder), 2010.

Fear of Gravity, 2010.

Deadfall Pile and Swing, 2010.

Deadfall Pile and Swing, 2010.

Swing, 2010.

Swing (detail), 2010.

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