Transference, 2017
14' from ceiling x 11' wide x 8' deep
Hot sculpted and blown glass, steel, wire, LEDs, electrical hardware and custom software
Ernest Mario School School of Pharmacy
Rutgers The State University of New Jersey
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Commissioned under the Public Buildings Arts Inclusion Act of 1978

Transference gives sculptural form to the transmission of knowledge and energy. The suspended glass sculpture is inspired by the Rutgers School of Pharmacy’s mission of education, healing, and generosity, ideas which provide conceptual underpinning for the sculpture's flow and visual rhythm. At night the sculpture comes alive with gently fading light patterns inspired by energy pathways for growth, healing, and compassion.

The concept of energy flow is at the core of Transference. The orbs twist asymmetrically within the main spiral, weaving into the larger gesture of curvilinear forms. The gently curved optical glass elements are featured as a large, flowing spiral.

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